Rebekah T

Rebekah Traylor has been a practicing yoga for many years. She earned her 200-hour certification in Yoga at the Yoga & Ayurveda Center in Pennsylvania. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Fine Arts.

She has a very full and exciting life, which she enjoys with her husband, her 4 children, her dog and cat, and her friends and family- all of whom are very important in her life. She enjoys being outside, being active, and music.

For Rebekah, Yoga is a lifestyle, a journey, and has unlocked an entirely new way of seeing the world and herself. It is her desire to make people aware that yoga is for everyone. She believes yoga is a great tool, useful in all aspects of life. Whether it’s for self care, self- awareness and improvement, stress management, injury prevention and recovery, focus and productivity in the classroom or corporate environment, or increasing athletic performance, yoga is much more than physical poses. It is a mindset and brings peace and unity in the body and mind.

Britt Truman

Britt T

Britt received her 200hr certified teacher training at Frog Pond Yoga Centre under Diane Featherstone

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